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Andres Iniesta was born in Albacete, Spain on May 11, 1984. Ever since he was a litle kid, his parents noticed that he had a talent for football. He used to perform some outstanding moves which convinced his father that his son is going to become a footballer.

When he was twelve years old, he had only one plan — to go to Madrid and start playing for Real. However, after his parents heard that Madrid is not a good place for their son, due to violence on the streets, they changed their minds and sent him to Barcelona. He joined FC Barcelona youngsters, and we can now definitely say that he didn’t make a mistake. He went through the Barca football school, and debuted for the first team in 2002. Soon after that, he started getting more and more chances to play. By 2004, he reserved his spot in the first eleven.

At the moment, he is the first choice of the current FC Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola for the attacking midfield position, along with Xavi. They are every oponent’s nightmare.

What makes Andres more special is that he plays great for the national team. He started in the U-16 team, and now, of course, he’s with the first team.