Second best paid player in Barcelona?

Andres Iniesta is a La Masia player. That means that he learned everything he knows about football at La Masia — the famous FC Barcelona football academy. He has been in Barcelona his whole career, and it seems that he will end it in Barcelona as well. His current contract expires in 2015, and the Barca management is negotiating a new contract for Iniesta with his agent. The club wants to extend the contract until 2018 and make Andres the second best paid player in the club, right behind Messi.

“We think that Iniesta deserves to be the second best paid player in the club,” said Sandro Rosell, the club’s president.

There have been some hiccups in the contract negotiations, but that is normal in football. Everyone wants to protect their interest. However, Andres seems sure that they will find a deal and that he will end his career in Barca. That’s why it is a good idea to bet online at william hill that Andres will spend his whole career in Barcelona.

“We both have the same objective and I think there will be no problems in the end,” concluded Iniesta in an interview for Barca TV.

Will Iniesta win the Ballon d’Or?

The Ballon D’Or ceremony will happen soon, and there are three main candidates remaining to win it: Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Andres Iniesta. Although many predict that Lionel Messi is going to win it because he is the best player in the world, nobody can claim that — because the winner will be who gets the most votes from the national coaches and captains from all around the world. Of course, it would be good to check the 2013 best online sportsbook for who the favorite is.

There have been many interviews with famous footballers, coaches and captains and many said that they will vote for Iniesta this time. They do admit that Lionel Messi is the best footballer in the world, but they think Iniesta deserves the award for his performance at the EURO 2012.

All three footballers were interviewed by journalists and asked who should win it. “I am not interested in personal awards. The team is the most important thing,” said Lionel Messi. However, he also said that he would be happy if his teammate Andres Iniesta wins it. Andres also said that he would love it if Messi won the award and that he thinks that he is the best player in the world. On the other hand, Cristiano Ronaldo said that he thinks that he should get the award, because he won the Primera with Real Madrid and had a solid performance at the EURO with Portugal.

We should all wait until January and see who the winner will be. Good luck to all three candidates!

Andres Iniesta back in action

Andres Iniesta has been one of the best players of the Euro 2012 and one of the most influential ones. He led the Spanish national team to the champions crown. Of course, he was on a well deserved rest and today he went to his first training with Barcelona to prepare for the new season. Of course, his team colleagues started the preseason earlier, but all players who played at the Euro had been given a longer rest.

Andres passed the medical tests and he is expected to play against PSG in a friendly in Paris on Saturday.

Shock loss from Osasuna

Although considered an outsider on this match, Osasuna managed to beat Barcelona 3:2 and thus make a sensation. Osasuna actually went to a two goal lead before Barcelona twice reduced this to a single goal. As a result, football betting was fluctuating during the course of the match. This makes it even harder for Barcelona to keep up with Real Madrid who have been in great form and are now 10 points ahead. Barcelona played this game without their engine — the central midfield duo, Xavi and Andres Iniesta. They were both injured recently and Guardiola didn’t want to risk them for this game. Instead, a bunch of youngsters from the B team took part in this game. Namely, Sergi Roberto, Cuenca and Tello participated in this game.

Of course, since the injury issues with Iniesta and Xavi are over, Guardiola will play them in the Champions League fixture against Leverkusen.

Iniesta shines against Panathinaikos

Last night FC Barcelona played a Champions League game against Panathinaikos in Greece. It was an intense game, but Barca won nevertheless. The score at the end was 0:3. The goals were scored by Pedro, who put in a brace, and Messi with one goal.

Andres Iniesta shined in this game and provided a great assist. He was choosen as Man of the Match by many magazines and websites. He looked like a player from a video game or a 3d football movie. He was that good. After this game, he really proved that he has the best touch in the world, and amazing ball control.