Hollywood-Style Home Design

Modern, sophisticated, glamorous with a dash of eccentricity

Injecting Color, Glamour-and Wow Factor

It’s easy to go back to basics, but what happens when neutrals just don’t cut it for a family that likes the finer things in life? An interior overhaul of the family home, of course. Although many people dream of living in a French-style property with modern luxuries and monochromatic shades, having a personal stamp on your abode is crucial for making it just that a home.

Interior designer Massimo Speroni was brought in by this family of five to “inject colour, glamour and wow factor” into their Melbourne house to make it come to life. “Although the property had a grand and imposing street presence, the interiors were bland,” says Massimo. “They were frustrated and in need of direction.”

When redesigning a home, a bond is established between designer and homeowner, with both parties working towards a cohesive vision. In this instance, Massimo and the client formed a connection through their European backgrounds.

European Heritage Comes into Play

“The wife was originally from the UK and her experience with interiors when growing up in Europe was filled with wallpapers, colourful upholstery and antique furniture pieces,” he says. “As an Italian designer growing up in Milan, I could relate to her heritage and we developed a bond as soon as the project commenced.”

Massimo spearheaded the vision of redecorating the home. “I aimed to create a space that reflected the clients’ personalities — bold and colourful, while maintaining an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere,” he explains. “The colour palette was determined in most cases by the paintings and beautiful artworks already in the clients’ possession.”

Stepping into the luxurious abode, the curved mirrored staircase is a glamorous statement with maximum impact. “The staircase’s panelled wall mirror was inspired by the famous Coco Chanel mirrored staircase,” says Massimo. “The size of each mirror panel had to be calculated specifically for the design.” Two generous bedrooms for the kids are located on the first level, decorated in yellow and blue respectively with a shared bathroom. “The third bedroom has its own ensuite and the master bedroom has a balcony that overlooks the pool,” continues Massimo. “It has an ensuite with a freestanding bath and expansive dressing room.” Real Good Agents

They say purple is the colour of royalty, and the clients’ master bedroom oozes with this rich hue. “The wife’s brief for this bedroom was to achieve a sexy boudoir fit for a king or queen,” says Massimo. “The aim was to bring the walls in to create a cocooning effect — hence the pheasant wallpaper from Mokum. My favourite thing about the bedroom is the pair of 1950s Italian Murano glass tube and brass wall sconces. It was my lucky find from an antique dealer in Texas.”

The formal dining area drips with crystal and mirrors that are complemented by the hot pink chairs and turquoise rug. “The clients entertain on a regular basis, so it was imperative that a large table catered for 10 to 14 guests,” says Massimo. “I custom-designed the rug and selected colours to work back with the lamps.”

The colour scheme continues into the lounge room, playing on the old Hollywood theme of the house. “The rug and sofa were custom-made,” says Massimo.